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Solving Talent Acquisition Problems

Talent acquisition is one of the biggest challenges to organizations in 2022. How can we attract, hire, and retain the team members we need to be successful in meeting our customers' needs? We can use technology to augment our team, but we cannot forget the people that allow us to be successful.

Talent acquisition has three phases:

  1. Define the role – make sure that you are describing the work, the experience, and how it will be measured.

  2. Sell the role – recognize that you have to make the candidate want the role. They have many choices, and what are you doing to address their interests, both short and long term.

  3. Close the sale and hire – be fast and accommodate the candidate. Don’t give them multi-page applications that do little to qualify them but rather create friction. The first offer is likely to win the candidate.

At the same time, there are three pillars of successful employee onboarding and retention that we must remember:

  1. Compensation – Are they being compensated in a way that makes them feel good about what they do and whom they work with? Look at incentives and other ways to create excitement.

  2. Training – Does the training really prepare your employees for their job? Sit through some of it yourself and put yourself in their shoes.

  3. Engagement – it is critical that managers and supervisors are truly taking the time to engage with their team. Not just once a month at the end of the month, but doing it in a real and connected way.

If you want to dive deeper into talent acquisition solutions, get in touch with us at Transform CX. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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