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Balancewise IQ

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Creating a Balanced, Insightful, and Engaged Workplace.

Maintaining a high employee engagement and well-being level can be a big challenge. With rapid changes in the workplace and increasing employee expectations, organizations often struggle to keep their workforce motivated, satisfied, and committed.

This can lead to higher attrition rates, negatively impacting an organization’s overall performance and growth.

What if there was a way to anticipate these issues, better understand your employees, and take proactive measures to enhance their well-being and engagement?

BalanceWiseIQ is an intuitive tool that allows you to understand your employees on a deeper level, using advanced analytics and sentiment analysis to understand the true emotional climate of your workplace.

With BalanceWiseIQ, you can identify and address potential attrition risks before they escalate, implement engagement strategies that resonate with your workforce, and create a thriving work environment. It’s not just an application ,it’s a step towards happier and more productive workforce.

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What is BalanceWiseIQ?

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BalanceWise IQ is a software solution that provides HR teams and management with easy, quick, efficient and real-time information for tracking how their employees feel at work. 

A simple 3-question survey that includes indicators of key segments for job satisfaction to identify behavioral patterns and act in time.

Why BalanceWiseIQ?

BalanceWiseIQ empowers you to create a thriving workplace by offering:

Insights into EmployeeWell-Being

BalanceWiseIQ combines advance analytics with sentiment analysis to deeply understand your employees emotional well-being. This helps you anticipate potential issues so you can proactively ensure your employees are happy and productive.

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Engagement-Boosting Solutions

Armed with actionable insights, you can implement targeted engagement strategies

that resonate with your workforce, improving morale and productivity. This helps organizations keep their employees engaged and motivated, increasing retention rates.

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Attrition Risk Mitigation

BalanceWiseIQ’s predictive analytics allow you to identify attrition risks in advance and take the necessary steps to retain valuable talent. Doing so can maximize your organization’s potential and create a stronger, more successful work environment.

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Real-Time Results, Real Impact

Discover how leading organizations have already harnessed the power of BalanceWise IQ to improve employee engagement and well-being, reduce attrition rates, and drive business success. Learn from their stories and experiences to create an even better work environment for your employees.

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Here are its key features:


Follow the Emotional
HeatMap of your

Create action plans and track its effectiveness
over time

Use AI models to anticipate attrition risks and take preventative measures

Provide a safe place for our employees to give feedback

Build an engaged, satisfied, and loyal workforce for your organization with BalanceWise IQ

Reach out to us today to learn more, or book a demo to experience the power of BalanceWise IQ first-hand.

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