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SDSS Methodology

SDSS: The Business Compass at Transform-CX

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“Stop Doing Stupid Stuff” (SDSS) isn’t just a book—it’s a guiding methodology that underpins our business consulting approach here at Transform-CX.

This method, co-authored by our CEO, Tim Keefe, and Andreas Wieman, is more than mere theory; it’s a living framework of best practices and actionable insights from extensive real-world experience.

Core Philosophy

At the heart of SDSS lies a profound call to simplicity and efficiency. It urges businesses, regardless of size or industry, to scrutinize their processes, identifying what works and, crucially, what doesn’t. The goal is singular but transformative: cease wasteful practices and focus on what genuinely adds value.

Components of the SDSS Method

  • Practicality Over Theory : Unlike conventional business guides filled with theoretical jargon, SDSS is a hands-on guide. Each section is standalone, enabling businesses to delve directly into areas they find most challenging.​

  • Holistic Business Approach : SDSS recognizes that a successful business is like a well-oiled machine, with each component seamlessly integrating with the other. Therefore, it addresses areas from talent attraction and compensation to data-driven decision-making and technology adoption.

  • Human Understanding Merged with Data : In the modern age, it’s not enough to understand numbers; businesses must understand people. SDSS bridges human understanding with data-driven strategies. It dives deep into motivational psychology, human behavior, and cognitive behavioral coaching, ensuring companies cater to both hard and soft aspects of operations.

  • Emphasis on Data : One of the unique strengths of SDSS is its strong push for data-driven operations. From making informed decisions to supporting employees and teaching them how to interpret and use data, the method emphasizes a comprehensive, data-inclusive approach.

  • Efficiency and Productivity : The SDSS methodology doesn’t just stop at identifying inefficiencies—it provides solutions. Whether it’s the peril of an excess meeting culture or the dangers of clinging to outdated tools, SDSS offers strategies to foster a productivity-rich environment.

  • Adaptable for All : From startups taking their first steps to well-established corporations looking to streamline operations, SDSS serves as a versatile toolkit. It’s as much about building solid foundations as it is about refining and evolving established processes.

SDSS components
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The SDSS method is not just our methodology at Transform-CX—it’s our compass, guiding us and our clients toward streamlined, efficient, and effective business operations. By focusing on actionable insights, marrying human understanding with data, and emphasizing efficiency, the “Stop Doing Stupid Stuff” approach ensures businesses navigate their way to success and profitability.

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