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Coming Back From the Pandemic: Where Do We Even Begin?

Coming Back From the Pandemic

Wow, it has been a wild ride these past 18 months! Things we thought would never happen, like 100% work from home, became the norm. Some businesses could weather the storm through innovation, downsizing, narrowing focus, and other crisis response activities.Now it is time to get into a growth mindset. There is enormous pent-up demand for a wide range of services and products. P People are much more digital than they were. People are more distributed. There are many people who are committed to hanging onto new ways of doing things. Others are re-thinking how and where they work. As a business manager/owner, what do we need to be thinking about? Let’s take stock of what we are seeing in the headlines, the marketplace, what our customers and employees are telling us.

  1. Many people like this new virtual working model

  2. People are excited to engage with other people

  3. Companies need to really think about disaster planning and how to be ready

  4. People want a return to normal, but things can never be the same as it was

Things to keep in mind as you start to recover:

  1. Reach out and engage your customers. Find out what they are looking for in your products and services. This is an excellent opportunity to elevate your customer relationships and become more personal and targeted.

  2. Engage proactively with your team. Don’t assume anything and avoid coming up with one solution for getting back to work. Remember, there is an upheaval in the labor market, and many of our staff members have reevaluated their jobs and what they want from them.

  3. Be flexible and recognize that things will be dynamic for a while. As we move forward, I wish you all good luck, and remember this can be a fantastic time to re-engage with your team and your customers. If you have some questions for me, you can leave them in the comments below, or send me a message. I’d be happy to share some ideas.

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