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A New Era in Client Services: Transform-CX Joins Forces with HIC Global Solutions

Transform-CX, a global consulting company, and HIC Global Solutions, a leading Salesforce Crest Consulting partner, have formed a strategic alliance to enhance client experience strategies. 

This partnership combines both companies' resources, technology, expertise, and market presence, setting new benchmarks in customer experience solutions. The companies plan to expand their geographical presence and offer a broad array of services that exceed industry standards, thereby meeting the evolving needs of their clients.

Tim Keefe, CEO of Transform-CX, says: "Our collaboration is a meeting of minds and expertise, bringing together the best consulting understanding and technological innovation. We are excited to blend Transform-CX's rich consulting heritage with HIC's cutting-edge technology solutions, setting new industry standards and expanding our reach to serve our clients' ever-evolving needs more effectively. This partnership marks a milestone in our journey towards delivering exceptional and transformative customer experiences."

Transform-CX is a business solutions company leveraging people, processes, and technology to drive profitability. The company has over 25 years of expertise in technology, customer experience, BPO, CRM, and learning management consulting.

Transform-CX's mission is clear: to guide companies across various industries in navigating the path to business success. By tailoring approaches to each client's unique needs and challenges, the company ensures that every solution is not just a fit but fundamentally transforms the business landscape.

This partnership with HIC is expected to enrich their service offerings, combining HIC's innovative resources with Transform-CX's extensive experience to achieve improved business results and sustainable competitive edges.

Nathan Brown, Director of US, HIC Global Solutions, for his part, said: "By partnering with Transform-CX we are tying technology and operational experience into one on a global scale servicing clients with experience, innovation, and strategic thought. Tim has been a mentor of mine for years, and am truly excited for this next step to jointly create cutting-edge solutions for clients and drive business success."

Piyush Singhal, CEO and Co-Founder of HIC Global Solutions adds: "With this new partnership, I am optimistic that HIC will be capable of delivering even more robust services that can cater to the ever-changing needs of modern businesses. By leveraging our technical prowess and expertise, we aim to elevate the standard of client services, and I believe our clients would greatly benefit too."

HIC Global Solutions, known for its innovative cloud-based solutions that streamline business processes, sees this alliance as an opportunity to further its mission of simplifying technology and optimizing customer experiences. This collaboration aligns with HIC's growth trajectory and its history of successful partnerships.

As a result of this collaboration, clients of both companies can look forward to a diversified portfolio of services, the integration of the latest technologies, and a higher level of expertise. This will elevate CRM optimization, improve ROI, and drive bottom-line enhancements. 

The alliance promises customer-centric, cost-efficient solutions, expert consultations for strategic roadmaps, easier adoption and implementation of technologies, and scalable solutions to increase and retain revenue.

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