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Change the Way You Hire with Mobile Talent! | Transform-CX

Change the Way You Hire with Mobile Talent! The average time-to-hire is over 43 days, and it can take up to 6 months to fill a single position. In some cases, you may never find the perfect candidate. Mobile talent is a feature-rich candidate management tool that leverages powerful features to Attract, Capture, Qualify and Connect with candidates to rapidly get them to the positions that align with their interests and the likelihood to engage.

How Mobile Talent Makes an Impact on the Hiring Process Using powerful AI tools, Mobile Talent augments the work of the Recruitment team. This results in a more engaged and diverse candidate pipeline, reducing dropouts, and making it easier to find the best talent for your open positions. Mobile Talent's SMS tools and chat box automation help you communicate quickly and efficiently while creating a friendly, personalized candidate experience. This mobile recruiting platform has built-in SMS communicator tools to help you communicate faster and more efficiently, focusing more of your time on the most qualified candidates. That's because 98% of SMS messages are opened and read versus only 20% of email messages. The more jobs you need to fill, your speed and efficiency are vital. Two of the many product features that have been very successful are the Text2Apply and Referral Module.

Why Text2Apply?

  1. Text2Apply gives recruiters a turnkey, cost-effective way to immediately capture candidate leads through a branded keyword and premium recruiting text message shortcode.

  2. Text2Apply can also be used across multiple hiring locations, letting job seekers tell you where they want to work.

Refer a Friend The best person to refer a new hire is somebody already doing the work or in the company that can talk about what it's like to work there.

  1. Mobile Talent can build unique links to a microsite tied back to individuals and track their referrals.

  2. Clients can then use those points to reward individuals in real-time for their efforts to bring in newly qualified candidates.

Transform-CX Has Partnered With Mobile Talent As a Mobile Talent Partner, Transform-CX can help you get started on mobile recruiting solutions for your organization. We will help you customize your recruiting process, optimize your talent pipeline, and troubleshoot any issues so you can hit the ground running. We can help you find the recruitment solutions you need. Please visit us at:

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