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Customer Experience in the Automotive Industry

We've recently been working with our partner Percepta, a customer experience provider, to explore the future of customer experience in the automotive industry. As technology advances and automakers strive to meet consumer needs and preferences, customer experience becomes increasingly important in the automotive industry.

What does this mean for customers? As you're probably all aware, tremendous changes have occurred in the automotive industry over the last several years, not just in the technology and the vehicles but in the prices that people pay for these vehicles.

Even more importantly, the buying process, the consumer experience, and the service delivery process have changed radically. As we think about that, I love seeing more direct-to-consumer buying and proactive engagement from the OEMs to build a better brand.

A lot of the changes occur at the dealership level and the role that they play in the sales process and service process. As we think about engaging in the automotive industry and mobility in general, some fundamentals about the customer experience are critical.

As we enter into the mid-2020s and look at that experience, we see three pillars to that experience that they need to be proactive. In other words, know your customer and understand what they want. They need to be personal. It needs to be targeted, not mass marketing. It needs to be specific to the needs of that particular consumer.

More and more, my car buying experience over the last 10 years has been primarily web-based. I skipped the traditional dealer model of going into a showroom, etc., but directly ordered the vehicle through a website. Wherever possible, those communications should be available digitally for people who want to engage in a digital process.

Sometimes, it entails going back to the dealer for a quote, but it usually goes to a fleet manager, so we only have a little back and forth. It's a pretty straightforward, simple process.

There’s been a massive evolution in the marketplace with radical changes, and a movement to a subscription model. We're seeing changes in subscription services within a vehicle that changes the ongoing service model.

To keep up with these new customer service demands, you must be prepared. Ask yourself: do you have the right service components in place to be timely, personal, and proactive so that when that consumer wants to turn on a subscription or has a problem with a subscription, you are right there when they need you?

The same thing applies to the buying and service processes. Do your clients feel that you're taking care of them? That you're delivering the convenience and that you're providing the experience that they want?

That's what is so important in the automotive industry. Those three pillars, Proactivity, Personalization, and Digital, will be key for the future of customer experience in this industry.

This is Tim Keefe of Transform CX, talking about the automotive industry and the evolution of consumer experience.  We want to ensure you know what it takes to keep up with these changing consumer trends and behaviors, so you can be sure you're providing the best customer experience in the automotive industry.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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