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  • Anne Cruz

Hospitality and Guest Experience Trends

Welcome to another episode of the "Stop Doing Stupid Stuff" podcast! Join hosts Andreas and Tim as they delve into the often-overlooked business side of the hospitality industry. This episode features a special guest, Christine Angela Sevilla , Director of Development at Radisson Hotels in the Philippines, who brings a wealth of experience from the hospitality sector.

Today's conversation centers around the evolving challenges and opportunities within the hospitality industry, particularly in the context of post-pandemic recovery and changing guest expectations. The discussion touches on various aspects, including inflation impacts, personalized guest experiences, and the integration of technology in enhancing service delivery.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Industry Evolution: The hospitality industry is rapidly changing, necessitating businesses to innovate beyond traditional luxuries like infinity pools, which have become commonplace. The discussion highlighted how the evolution of guest expectations is not just about amenities but about creating unique, memorable experiences that resonate on a personal level.

  2. Personalized Experiences: Personalization in the hospitality industry is pivotal for creating differentiated and memorable guest experiences. The dialogue emphasized the need for hotels to recognize individual guest preferences, such as the type of pillow they prefer or their favorite room view, which can significantly enhance the guest's comfort and satisfaction.

  3. Impact of Inflation: The conversation tackled the significant impact of inflation on the hospitality industry, noting how increased travel costs and operational expenses challenge the ability to maintain quality service. Christine pointed out the difficulty in balancing rising costs with the necessity to keep service levels high without significantly increasing prices, affecting both profitability and guest satisfaction.

  4. Technological Integration: Technology's role in modernizing guest experiences was a major focus, with discussions on how digital tools can help personalize the guest experience without making it feel impersonal or automated. Technologies like mobile check-ins, customized room settings, and responsive guest service apps can enhance efficiency and satisfaction.

  5. Employee Engagement: The importance of employee satisfaction in providing exceptional service was strongly emphasized. Engaged and happy employees are more likely to go the extra mile to create memorable guest experiences. Training, fair compensation, and recognition are critical to fostering a motivated workforce.

Power Quotes:

  • Christine Sevilla: "It doesn't really take much cost to make someone's day or make them feel special. This focus on personalized attention can differentiate our services in a crowded market."

  • Tim: "We all have a button on our forehead that says make me feel special. When we're able to engage with that, that's what creates loyalty."

  • Andreas: "Guest experience isn't just CX; it's about creating a patient experience, a guest experience that resonates on a personal level."


The hospitality industry stands at a crossroads of challenge and opportunity. As discussed, addressing these with innovative solutions, heartfelt service, and smart integration of technology can redefine the landscape of hospitality. Christine's insights underscore the importance of focusing on both guest and employee experiences to navigate the complexities of today's market successfully.

Join us for more insightful discussions and expert analyses on the Stop Doing Stupid Stuff podcast. Thanks for tuning in, and don't forget to subscribe to Spotify for updates on future episodes!

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