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Modern Leadership: Talent Management and Organizational Development

We're happy to present a conversation on modern leadership with Tim KeefeDr. Kemal Özkan Yılmaz, and Seda Erdem Yılmaz.

Dr. Kemal Özkan Yılmaz is a committed business professional focused on system development, sales, and supply chain management using a lean management approach.

Seda Erdem Yılmaz, for her part, is a respected thought leader, a revered educator, a well-traveled speaker and conference host, a consultant to multi-national firms and brands, and a volunteer for an NGO. She is the CHRO at ATP Technology and Ata Venture Capital firms.

Here are the important takeaways:

  1. We think about leadership. I think everybody is trying to find answers. Even though we have many years of experience, we are still looking for answers because everything changes daily. We need to renew ourselves if we want to make progress.

  2. Mental health is a very important topic. We are trying to give support to our employees by having a mental health program. I think mental health is even more important than physical health. Nothing can be accomplished without mental health, and no one can accomplish anything.

  3. Engagements are now very important. Now, it is very important to have justice in the workplace, psychological safety, diversity, and authenticity.

  4. One of the things we were trying to learn was the key drivers of customer or employee retention. There were three things that we came out of that study with. One was compensation. that's almost personalized to the individual. The second item is engagement. It was the biggest thing for people who were in a work-at-home situation. The third item was training.

  5. How do we recognize when people are limping emotionally? It was very important for me to hear. that one of the members of my team was struggling. We've got to be okay with people failing sometimes without blaming them. Now, that's a balancing act, right?

  6. How are organizations structured, and how do they engage? I feel almost like I need a psychologist on my executive team.

  7. We sometimes forget the criticality of a person's role or that everybody has a critical role in an organization. If a person is no longer engaged, management should take steps to train or move them to a place where they would be more productive and happy.

Wrap Up

This conversation has been an eye-opening look into modern leadership and how it is changing in the current climate. It's clear that having a vision for your organization, prioritizing mental health, creating psychological safety and diversity within teams, focusing on employee retention strategies such as compensation and training, recognizing when employees are struggling emotionally, structuring organizations to maximize engagement, and remembering everyone's role in the team are all key elements of successful leadership today.

As we move forward with these new approaches to leading our businesses, let us remember that human resource is and will always be the best resource.

For more conversations on leadership, customer experience, technology optimization, and other topics, visit Transform-CX's linked-in page.

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