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Preparing for the Storm | Transform-CX

Preparing for the Storm Hey everyone, Tim Keefe here at Transform CX. I wanted to take a few minutes to take a step back and talk about what we're doing at Transform CX. As a company, we're focused on developing or delivering solutions that drive customer and employee experience. We all recognize that we have an economic downturn in front of us. One of the interesting things is how we, as businesses, respond to that economic downturn? One of the things that many companies do, and I understand why they have to do it, especially if they're publicly traded, is starting to announce things like, "We're going to do layoffs, or we're going to reduce hiring dramatically, we're going to reduce capacity in plants, or we're going to shed offices." Whatever that may be, the challenge is, how do you do that so that you're prepared for the storm at the end of the day? We've got to recognize that things are going to change. Now is the time to start doing things that preserve your core staff, the people with talent, the people with interests, and the people with a passion that drives your business. At the same time, how do you preserve the customer base that you have? You may not be able to grow your customer base in the next couple of years, but you've got to keep the people you have as best you can. That often means that things hidden by strong profits, such as operational efficiencies, tools, capability, and employee experience, need to be focused on right now. This is your time to clean that stuff up, improve the employee experience, and enable your employees to do the job they've always wanted. Give them the tools they want. I'm not talking about big investments. In many cases, this is just a way of cleaning up the stuff you already have. Again, at Transform-CX, our focus as a business is to solve those problems for both the employees and customers while looking at people, processes, and technology. We're all in this together. We'll get through it, and we'll be better for it. But now is the time to start preparing for the storm.

If you have any questions or want to talk about "storm-proofing" your business, feel free to reach out. We're here to help.

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