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Salesforce Optimization in the Not-for-Profit Space | Transform-CX

Salesforce Optimization in the Not-for-Profit Space

Let's dive deeper into our Salesforce Optimization program. We're having a lot of fun working with clients in this space, helping them get the excellent value out of the Salesforce investment they're all looking for.

We're finding a lot of interest in Salesforce and Salesforce Optimization in the not-for-profit space. Many not-for-profit organizations are extremely non-technical.

They often don't have certified administrators. Or, if they do, they may be a third party. There's usually a kind of knee-jerk reaction to the type of work they want to do, how they want to set up the objects, and the flows they wish to support.

Transform-CX helps them take a step back, forget about the technology for a second, and focus on the outcomes. These outcomes could be around the donor experience, critical, and not-for-profit or grant management. Or, it could be about the volunteers. What do they need to get out of that before diving into the application? Salesforce not-for-profit is a powerful tool, and it's got many configurations built on many different experiences, but they may be different for your not-for-profit needs.

What Transform-CX does is use templates. We use tools to make it as easy as possible for the people involved to update donor data around donors and volunteers and do it intuitively. We help them avoid the data entry problem because this is where things start to fall apart.

As soon as the data entry starts to get wonky, where either people are inconsistent in how they enter data, are not using the templates appropriately, or are misconfiguring data, you get lots of duplicates. You make errors. You lose sight of your donors, and you lose sight of their donor experience and how you want to connect with those donors and your volunteers. Like everything in the Salesforce world, it's all about the data. Garbage in, garbage out. In the nonprofit space, there are considerable opportunities to help you leverage technology without having to be technical yourself.

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