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Solving Staffing Augmentation Problems with TCX

Solving Staffing Augmentation Problems with TCX

Solving Staffing Augmentation Problems with TCX The tremendous changes in employee retention and experience have put many of our clients in challenging positions to deliver on key projects and other initiatives. The lack of staff to support critical roles in project management and business analysis puts the projects needed to support better employee experience in jeopardy.

Why Do You Need Project Managers? One of the disadvantages of not having project managers is that it can impact the success of a project. Projects need someone who is in charge and has the authority to make decisions to be successful. If no one is in charge, then decisions may not be made promptly, which can impact the project schedule and budget. Additionally, projects need someone who can communicate with all stakeholders, including upper management. Without proper communication, projects can quickly become derailed.

Bridging Business and IT The same is true for business analysts. Business analysts are responsible for understanding the needs of the business and translating them into requirements that the IT department can implement. Without business analysts, there is no one to provide this critical link between the business and IT. This can lead to projects not being aligned with business goals and objectives and, ultimately, to project failure.

We Make a Difference Transform-CX can help with that. We have provided clients with project managers and business analysts as virtual resources to support these projects. As a global provider of contingent workforce management solutions, we have the experience and expertise to help you solve your staffing augmentation problems. Whether you need a single resource or an entire team, we can help. We have a pool of highly-skilled, experienced resources that can be deployed quickly and efficiently to support your projects. These team members work closely with client teams on their hours to drive project success. If you need staffing support for projects or to support ongoing operations, drop us a note at We are here to help.

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