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  • Anne Cruz

Strategic Impact: The Role of Ghana's Defense Industries in National Development and Global Collaboration

Brigadier General Benjamin Amoah-Boakye, serving as the Acting Judge Advocate General and the principal legal adviser to Ghana's Minister for Defense, shares his multifaceted role within the Ghana Armed Forces and his extensive interaction with local and international business figures. 

This episode explores the Defense Industries Holding Company's strategic goals, including fostering socio-economic development, enhancing local production capacities, and expanding into international markets.

Key Highlights

  • Economic Contributions: General Amoah-Boakye outlines the contributions of the Defense Industries Holding Company Limited towards local production and job creation, aiming to establish about 30,000 jobs within five years through various agricultural and industrial initiatives.

  • Medical Tourism and Healthcare Initiatives: The episode delves into ambitious projects like the construction of a 1500-bed hospital designed for medical tourism and another 500-bed facility aimed at serving expatriates in mining and oil industries, highlighting the potential impact on Ghana's healthcare landscape.

  • Challenges and Strategic Solutions: Funding emerges as a significant challenge, with the General discussing innovative strategies like equity investment over debt financing to attract and secure investor confidence without government guarantees.

  • Global Contact Center Trends: Tim Keefe discusses the shifting landscape of global contact centers, identifying Ghana as a potential new hub due to its educated, English-speaking, yet underemployed workforce.

  • Future Prospects and Collaborations: The conversation also touches on the potential for future collaborations between Transform CX and the Defense Industries Holding Company to further leverage opportunities in Ghana's evolving economic and industrial sectors.



“So for most of our products, we're looking for investors interested in having an equity stake in the project. We think that with that one, the investor has his investment guarantee or secured because you get to be part of the project and be part of the management. So, in effect, you are bringing your money and managing the project and you test until you are okay, then you can hand it over. “

“I've been hearing some conversations with some of the large contact centers that are looking at Ghana, as one of the new places to establish contact centers, whether they're work from home, or traditional brick and mortar. It could be an exhilarating opportunity to develop that workforce.”


This episode of the SDSS podcast offered a compelling glimpse into the pivotal role that the Ghana Armed Forces and the Defense Industries Holding Company Limited play in the socio-economic development of Ghana. 

Brigadier General Benjamin Amoah-Boakye's insights into the strategic operations aimed at enhancing local production, creating substantial employment opportunities, and initiating significant healthcare projects illustrate a proactive approach to national growth and development. The challenges of funding and international investment were also candidly addressed, presenting a realistic view of the hurdles and potential solutions in advancing Ghana's industrial and economic agenda. 

As Transform-CX Inc. continues to explore partnerships and opportunities within Ghana, this dialogue serves as a foundation for understanding and supporting the nation's ambitious goals. The podcast not only highlighted the potential for significant socio-economic impact but also set the stage for future collaborations that could help shape a prosperous future for Ghana.

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