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The Little Things Have the Biggest Impact

The New Normal is not that different from where we were before the Pandemic. As we interact with our customers and our employees it is so important to remember that as humans we are all a little bit more fragile, more questioning, and in need of knowing that “I matter”.

-  These are the times when real leaders can make a huge difference by focusing on the little things: Be personal, whenever you can. Use people’s names and their history.                   It does not take much but it has to be meaningful for people to feel that you care. USAA has, for decades, greeted members by name when calling. Seems small but changes the       tone of every interaction.

-  Say thank you, and mean it, when people deliver.

-  Try a handwritten note.  When someone gets a handwritten note saying thank you, it is incredibly powerful.

As we come back into the New Normal, let’s make it a normal of empathy, awareness and gratitude!

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