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The Tech Revolution in the Hospitality Industry

Updated: Jan 15

There are more modern and sustainable ways to communicate with travellers. Simple, user-friendly technological tools exist to make work more efficient for hotel staffers by making communication with guests as simple as sending a text message. Since most travellers keep their phones and mobile devices with them throughout a trip, it is possible to turn these devices into a sustainable solution for communication challenges.

Looking ahead, technology solutions are not only expected but essential to meet the expectations of future travellers.

Failure to adapt to these trends and leverage technology can have tangible impacts on a business’s financial performance. To thrive in the evolving travel and hospitality landscape, organizations must become leaders in adopting innovative technology, rather than waiting for competitors to set the pace.

Here are a few ways how:

  1. Invest in customer-facing technology to streamline communication and make the check-in process faster for guests.

  2. Adopt a mobile app that helps customers plan their stay, access personalized offers, view restaurant menus and interact with hotel staff without leaving their room.

  3. Utilize interactive kiosks to allow quick and easy self-service options for visitors such as booking rooms or printing boarding passes

  4. Use artificial intelligence (AI) enabled chatbots for immediate responses to inquiries and problems 24/7, allowing you to reduce staffing costs while providing improved services

  5. NFC (Near Filed Communication) is the technology in our phones that allows a guest to use their smartphone as an electronic key or token.

  6. Incorporate facial recognition software so visitors do not need to remember or produce separate identification documents when checking in

  7. Leverage augmented reality apps that provide virtual tours of hotels before guests decide on staying there

  8. Equip employees with handheld devices or tablets so they can better serve customers who may have questions about amenities inside the property.

  9. Use social media engagement to help guests meet other guests with similar interests during their stays. For example, if there are guests interested in museums, they can partner up to share the experience and meet new people.

As the saying goes, “You can lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

The future of travel and hospitality is already upon us. Will you embrace it and be a leader, wait until your competitor shows you the way and follow, or will you simply get out of the way and hope for the best?

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