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Transform-CX and Bloom Service Design Launch Transform-CX Latin America

Transform-CX, a global technology consulting company, is announcing the launch of its Latin America partnership.

Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Transform-CX Latin America will be led by Bloom Service Design, the region's new consultancy in customer experience solutions.

Transform-CX Latin America brings together Timothy Keefe's and Marina Tiopisto's expertise to offer service design experience and technology consulting services. As a global company offering local knowledge, clients will benefit from the team's expertise in customer experience design and technology optimization.

This partnership is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enable customers to reach their goals faster and more efficiently. Transform-CX Latin America focuses on delivering a superior customer service experience that is both valuable and cost-effective.

With the launch of Transform-CX Latin America, customers in the region will have access to a comprehensive suite of advanced global services while retaining the unique, local knowledge of Bloom Service Design.

"We are delighted to partner with Bloom Service Design to launch Transform-CX Latin America. The partnership provides our clients with full services and support to ensure they can reach their business goals quickly and effectively," said Transform CX-CEO Tim Keefe.

Marina Tiopisto, CEO of Bloom Service Design, expressed her enthusiasm for the launch: "By collaborating with Transform-CX, we can now offer our clients the best of both worlds—global expertise and local knowledge. We are excited to be part of this strategic partnership and look forward to helping our customers achieve their goals."

Transform-CX Latin America's core service offerings include the following: Customer and Employee Experience solutions, Technology Optimization, Staffing, and BPO set-up. They also create customized solutions for their customers in order to meet their individual needs.

For more information, visit the Transform-CX Linked In page.

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