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Transform-CX Announces Platinum Sponsorship for TEL HI's Taste 2024

Transform-CX is excited to announce its platinum sponsorship for the Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Association's (TEL HI) Taste 2024 event, set to take place on Friday, May 3, 2024, at Oracle Park in San Francisco. 

Tim Keefe, CEO of Transform-CX and a dedicated board member of TEL HI, shared his enthusiasm for this partnership: “We are honored to contribute as a Platinum Sponsor and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to support the incredible work TEL HI does for the San Francisco community.”

Celebrating Tradition and Community Service

TEL HI stands as a pillar in the North Beach and broader San Francisco community, with over a century of service enhancing the quality of life for its residents. The Taste of TEL HI event, especially in its 134th year, is a celebration of this enduring legacy, showcasing the organization's commitment to community service and its significant impact on San Francisco.

A Partnership Rooted in Shared Values

The collaboration between Transform-CX and TEL HI reflects a shared commitment to enriching the community. This engagement as a Platinum Sponsor for the Taste 2024 event is a testament to Transform-CX's support for TEL HI's mission, emphasizing the Senior Program's crucial role in providing care and connection for the elderly in the community.

Highlighting the Senior Program

TEL HI’s Senior Program is a key initiative that Transform-CX is particularly passionate about, offering essential services to the elderly and ensuring they remain an active and cherished part of the community. This program exemplifies the best of TEL HI’s efforts to provide a supportive and engaging environment for San Francisco’s seniors.

An Invitation to Connect and Celebrate

Transform-CX warmly invites the community to Oracle Park on Friday, May 3, 2024, for the Taste of TEL HI event. This gathering is not just a fundraiser but a vibrant celebration of the collective spirit and the impactful work of TEL HI, enriched with gourmet experiences, entertainment, and meaningful connections.

The event also features a special opportunity to engage with Transform-CX through a book signing of their latest publication, Stop Doing Stupid S*** providing valuable insights into effective business practices.

Join Us in Support of TEL HI

Transform-CX encourages everyone to be part of this special occasion, supporting TEL HI’s longstanding tradition of service and the enrichment of the San Francisco community. Your participation will help ensure the continuation of vital services that Tel-Hi provides, fostering a stronger, more vibrant community for all residents.

This event is a perfect opportunity to celebrate community solidarity, enjoy San Francisco's cultural richness, and contribute to the ongoing success of TEL HI's programs. We look forward to welcoming you to Oracle Park for an evening of celebration, community, and support for a remarkable cause. 

Join us in making the Taste of TEL HI a memorable and impactful event, championing a future where community service and support thrive. 

You can also visit and make a donation or delve deeper into the details of their work.

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