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Transform-CX Appoints Seth McCulloch as VP of Product Management to Lead the Launch and Growth of BalanceWise IQ

Transform-CX Inc., a pioneering company in the realm of employee engagement solutions, proudly announces the appointment of Seth McCulloch as the new Vice President of Product Management

Based in Maryland, USA, Mr. McCulloch will be instrumental in driving the launch and growth of BalanceWise IQ, Transform-CX’s latest state-of-the-art employee engagement tool.

"It's a significant milestone for Transform-CX as we welcome Seth to our executive team. I've seen firsthand the impact of strong leadership on product success and market innovation. Seth brings an exceptional record in product management, coupled with a strategic understanding of employee engagement technologies. His expertise is not just an asset but a keystone in our mission to launch and scale BalanceWise IQ,” Tim Keefe, CEO of Transform-CX, said.

Seth McCulloch is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in product management within the tech industry. His expertise in developing and executing product strategies is expected to significantly contribute to the advancement of BalanceWise IQ, positioning it as a leader in the employee engagement space.

"I am honored to join the global team at Transform-CX, taking the helm of the BalanceWise IQ initiative, " said Seth McCulloch. “In our rapidly evolving work landscape, prioritizing employee engagement is not just important – it's essential for success in any organizational context. Based in Maryland, I am enthusiastic about collaborating closely with our talented team, bringing together my experience and insights. Our goal is clear: to position BalanceWise IQ as an indispensable tool for businesses globally. Together, we're dedicated to redefining standards and setting new benchmarks in how companies engage and empower their workforce." 

BalanceWise IQ is a digital tool designed to revolutionize the way organizations engage with their employees. Utilizing advanced analytics and intuitive interfaces, it aims to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction across diverse industries.

Mr McCulloch explains: “BalanceWise IQ represents a paradigm shift in workforce management, offering a sophisticated and user-friendly solution to comprehend the core emotional dynamics within your organization. This tool harnesses the power of advanced analytics and sentiment analysis, providing a comprehensive understanding of the workplace's emotional climate.”

By leveraging BalanceWise IQ, companies gain a proactive edge in identifying and mitigating attrition risks, allowing for timely intervention before challenges amplify. It empowers organizations to craft and execute engagement strategies that truly align with employee needs, fostering a more vibrant and productive work environment. 

BalanceWise IQ is not just a tool; it's an essential partner in nurturing a positive, thriving corporate culture.

For more information about Transform-CX and the upcoming Balance Wise IQ, please visit

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