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Are We All Aligned Around CX?

We're gonna talk a little bit more about the finding value that our customers define for us in a way that we define that value that we deliver within our organization. One of the things that's kind of fascinating to me is how often particularly in larger companies that are very siloed, how little people really understand the overall product and services that the company delivers. An example I've used many, many times is, I was with a large North American bank, and I ran, among other things, the employee Help Desk. One of the things that one of the managers there said to me one day, which just kind of blew me away, but it was very, very common, he was very bragging about how much money the Help Desk makes. I stopped for a second and I said, Well, what do you mean, that help desk is a cost center. How could it be a profit center? He says, well, no, we cross charge all of our internal clients for the time it takes us to provide the services. I said, Yes, that's the model. The expectation is that we are hustling to keep our employees in service, because if they're in service, they're generating revenue, and delivering services to our customers. Now, no, you don't understand, I have to operate in a standalone mountain mindset. That, to me, was just kind of a mind-blowing moment. Because again, you have someone who's roughly redefined their own goals and objectives. And I understand how it happened. This is not a criticism of the individual, it's a criticism of the organization that impacts and influences the overall way that we service our customers. Let’s just take this time to think, are we really taking a look internally at what we're doing? And if you were to walk around your organization and ask your employees, what do they do? What do you do as a company, and how does their role support what they do? I think you'd get a lot of different answers.

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